The Metazens Community

About MTZN

MTZN is a project consisting of Generative NFT Collections across multiple blockchains, an Art Commision Business focused on Music NFT Collaborations, a Metaverse-native Brand and of course a Thriving Inclusive Community!  

We have a Discord Server like most projects in the NFT space but we believe it is important to also use other community building platforms. MTZN.NETWORK is our broader community experience and we hope you join us here! 

But first you need to be a member of our Discord Server!

We Believe In Your Right To Thrive

This community primarily caters to these groups of creatives but all are welcome to request to join us here:

  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Art Collectors
  • Technologists
  • Web3 and NFT Community
  • MTZN DAO Members
  • Mental Health & Psychedelics Therapy

Diversity & Inclusivity

We are serious about providing a fun and safe space for all!

Read our Manifesto and other docs to learn more about our vision, mission and perspectives on what makes a strong healthy community.

header image by artist yuumei (derivative by us).

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